American Embassy in Lima, Peru

Generally speaking, when an American citizen needs the help of the American Embassy, something went terribly wrong. The American Embassy in Lima is meant to offer assistance to the US citizens living in Peru and those traveling to Peru. The American citizens traveling to Peru are urged to register with […]

China: A Stop on Your RTW Trip

RTW trips are still very popular among travelers. Many destinations in Asia and South America are very affordable and can be easily tackled on long vacations. But before you look for world airfare you should make a list of the places you want to visit. Very interesting round the world […]

Robert Burns : Scotland’s Favorite Son

For outsiders that have an impression of Scots as tough, hard-working folk, it might be surprising to hear that their national hero is a poet. No one person is more closely associated with Scotland than Robert Burns. Known in Scotland by the familiar name of Robbie (or Rabbie), Burns is […]