The Portland Public School (PPS) district is the largest in Oregon, serving 47,000 students, which equates to approximately 84% of the children in the area who could be enrolled in public schools. Overall enrollment has been declining in recent years, due partly to budget shortfalls and also to some changes in the demographics of the city as a whole.

Grades covered by the PPS system include pre-kindergarten through grade 12, and there are 85 regular school buildings under the PPS umbrella. Additionally, the district oversees some alternative schools, charter schools and special needs facilities. A Portland Public Schools district map is here.




Portland Public Schools is governed by a Board of Education and a superintendent – the board has seven members, each one representing one of the seven public school zones in Portland, and elected by the residents of that district. To find out more about the Portland Board of Education, see this website.

The official PPS website includes an easy way for parents to find out what schools their children will attend in the coming school year, just by plugging in a street address. That feature can be found here. There is also information about how to register your child in a new school here and profiles for each school here.

A parent guide to Portland Public Schools is available here, and there’s also a section called “Student Stuff” that deals with getting help with homework, finding out about colleges (and scholarships), as well as some fun stuff. The PPS calendars are here.

For more information about the Portland Public Schools system, see the official website.

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