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Portland insurancePortland isn’t a very dangerous place in and of itself, but obviously there are many things that can happen to a person while traveling, many of which have nothing to do with the location. Travel insurance tends to be much cheaper than most people expect, and the peace of mind (especially for people back home) can make it worthwhile for many people. Depending on your own situation you might do yourself some good by looking into a couple of these.

Types of travel insurance to consider

Trip Protection Insurance

These policies generally cost a small percentage of the budget for your whole trip, and will cover most of your non-refundable travel expenses if a crisis comes up such as: death, sickness, airline strike, travel provider going bankrupt, and many other things as well. Again, Portland isn’t too dangerous of a place, and most of the tour operators here are pretty secure, but something can happen anywhere along the way and this is usually quite cheap as well.

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Travel Medical Insurance




This one all depends on your own medical insurance situation. If you have coverage at home and you are sure it’s good while in Portland, you are fine. But if your own insurance doesn’t cover you here, or maybe if you don’t have any insurance at all even at home, this might come in handy.

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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

This policy covers things when disaster strikes your flight. It might be best for peace of mind, since this sort of thing happens to infrequently, but it’s cheap either way.

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Annual multi-trip Insurance

Portland is the kind of place that attracts hardcore travelers more than random tourists. If you are combining several trips during a year this can be a great deal to get coverage all at once for only a bit more than a single-trip policy.

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