Things to Do

Although a rather small country, Portugal attracts tourists for a number of things to do. The beaches are the perfect place to sunbathe, play some water sports, fish or dive. The cities are filled with beautiful buildings, palaces, museums, cafes, restaurants and night clubs. The well-known Portugal wine is waiting for you to taste it.


Portugal has a long coastline which offers a lot of beautiful beaches to be explored by the travelers. No matter if you head to the south coast, to the west coast or to one of the archipelagos —Azores or Madeira-, you’ll have a lot of things to do on the beautiful beaches.

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Lisbon is the least expensive capital in Western Europe which makes shopping one of the best things to enjoy here.

But there are also a bunch of traditional items you should consider getting as souvenirs: leather and handmade goods, antique and contemporary hand-painted tiles, ceramics and textiles.

The gold sold here is at least 19.2 karats which makes Lisbon one of the best places to purchase gold.

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