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Portugal might be a small country but there is a lot to do here: visit the town, soak on the sun, taste wine and many more. It would be impossible to explore everything during a single vacation, so the best idea is to decide in what are you want to stay and then write a must-see list. You can even consider taking a tour.

Flights to Portugal

The first thing to consider when you plan your Portugal vacation is the plane ticket. The sooner you book, the more chances to find a cheaper ticket and available seats. Make sure to check the low-cost airlines that operate on the Portuguese airports. There are regular flights to Portugal from most cities in the world and there are even more charter flights during the summer.

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Where to stay in Portugal

The next step is obviously finding a place to stay in Portugal. Portugal is crowded during summer as everyone seems to flock to the beaches; hence it can be rather hard to find accommodation unless you book well in advance. There are plenty of places to stay in Portugal: hotels, hostels, resorts, villas, apartment and traditional houses.

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Getting around Portugal

Only Lisbon has a metro system but one is under construction in Porto, as well. However in most major towns tourists can use trains, buses and trams to get around the cities. It is also a good idea to rent a car, especially if you plan to visit several places and don’t want to relay on the trains or buses between cities.

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