Vacation Rentals Portugal

Sometimes planning a vacation in a very popular beach destination can be an expensive affair. And if neither hostels nor tents appeal to you, then you should consider renting a vacation house (or apartment). Why? First of all, because you’ll be saving money. And secondly, because you are much more independent than when you stay in a hotel and depend on the meals schedule.

When to rent?

When we think Portugal, the beaches and Port wine spring into mind so most likely you’ll be looking for a vacation rental during the high season. And that’s also when everyone else is looking for the same thing.

What to rent ?

Choosing what to rent can be quite challenging especially if it’s the first time you try this approach. Before deciding between an apartment and a house, and what facilities you need, ask yourself the following questions: how many people will be sharing the house? Do we plan to cook or prefer to eat out? Do we need luxury or something decent is enough? Do we want to stay very close to the beach? Do we need air conditioning?




Read the description carefully. Some houses come with fully equipped kitchens, while apartments may come with just a microwave and a coffee maker.

The closer to the beach you’ll choose to stay, the more you’ll be paying for the house. Expect to pay from $92 per night for a one bedroom luxury apartment in the Algarve region. If you want to stay right on the beach, you’ll be paying from $536 per week for a 2 bedrooms apartment (sleeps 5) in the same region. In Lisbon, the closer to the sights you’ll be the more you’ll pay so right by the castle, a 1 bedroom apartment (sleeps 4) starts at $134 per night.


You can either rent directly from the owner (via a website) or through large websites (such as Home Away). Consider that if you book directly from the owner you’ll have to make a deposit which involves international bank transfers (and we all know those are really pricey). Booking via a large website means you’ll be paying with a credit (or debit) card.

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