Weather Portugal


Portugal lies in temperate zone and has four seasons, just like everywhere else in Europe:

  • Winter: early December to late March
  • Spring: late March to mid-June
  • Summer: mid-June to mid-September
  • Winter: mid-September to early December

The tourist season is between June and October, although on the islands it’s possible to sunbath year-round. Although average temperatures are mild, it is possible to see temperatures around and above 30C. During summer the resorts can get overcrowded, so make sure to book the accommodation ahead of time.

The nicest periods to visit Portugal are spring and autumn. The weather is nice, it doesn’t rain much and you won’t be tackling large crowds of tourists.


In Faro, in January the average low temperature is 7C, while the average high is 15C. July and August see averages between 18C (low) and 28C (high).




In Funchal, January sees averages between 14C (low) and 17C (high), while August is blessed with temperatures ranging between 20C (low) and 25C (high).

The capital of Lisbon offers a mild January, with average low temperatures reaching 7C and average highs at 13C. August is the hottest month with averages between 17C (low) and 28C (high).

Porto offers the same mild climate, with average low temperature in January at 7C and the average high at 13C. July and August see the temperatures ranging between 14C (low) and 23C (high).

Different climates

On mainland Portugal, the climate varies considerably from one region to another, being influenced by the proximity to the seas, the relief and the latitude; which results in a very mild climate, particularly in the Algarve .

Close to Spain, Porto e Norte area and Beiras region the winters are colder; but compared to the rest of Europe, it’s still mild and warm. The only snow in Portugal can be found in the Serra da Estrela mountains.

Summers are hot and dry in inland area. Close to the sea, it’s cooler thanks to the breeze. The weather stays warm and sunny even until mid November.

In the Azores the temperature is mild year-round. This means, you can spend a vacation on the beach here anytime.

Madeira is blessed with subtropical climate, with a very mild climate. During winter temperatures average 19C, while during summer they reach 24C.

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