Vacation Rentals Scotland

Renting a house, cottage or apartment has become a very popular way to save money while on vacation. Whether you travel with the family or friends, choosing a vacation rental will give you independence while cutting down the costs.

When to Rent

Summer is definitely the best time to visit Scotland. Do keep in mind that even in mid July the temperatures will hardly ever get over 25C (the average in Edinburgh and Glasgow is around 20C). The shoulder season (June, September) are good options if you want to save money and don’t mind the unstable weather.

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What to Rent

If you haven’t chosen a vacation rental before, this can be quite a tricky question. Start by answering the following questions:



  • How many persons will be living together?
  • Do we plan to do the cooking? Or do we prefer to eat out?
  • Do we need luxury? Or are basic facilities enough?
  • Will we rent a car to get around? Or do we stick to walking and , maybe, rent bikes?
  • Do we want to stay close to the beach?

Make sure to read the proprieties’ descriptions in detail. Some cottages might have fully equipped kitchens while a smaller apartment might only offer a stove and a microwave.

Proprieties located closer to the beach will be pricier than those located further away. The same applies to the apartments located in the cities: the closer to the sites you are, the more you’ll have to rack up for a night. With a bit of research you can find a 2 bedroom apartment in Glasgow for rates starting at $152 per night. In Edinburgh, a 1 bedroom apartment (right on the Royal Mile and close to the Castle) starts at $150 per night. And speaking of castles, yes, you can rent entire castles in Scotland (for about $8,500 per week).


It’s easy to look up proprieties online. There are sites on which the owners list their proprieties, but there are also large sites which act as rental agencies, simplifying the entire process. Practically, you cannot rent a vacation home unless you have a credit / debit card. - Vacations with more room.

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