Bus Travel in Sweden

Buses are a cheap way to get around Sweden and they are the perfect choice for traveling within the same region. In most cases bus fares are cheaper than train fares — especially when you want to travel within the country not within a region — but make sure to check both options before you choose.

The network of express buses between the large cities is excellent. Especially in south and central Sweden, you can travel by bus hassle-free and there are also good connections between Stockholm and the north part of the country.

Bus operators connecting Sweden to the rest of Europe

Eurolines is the main operator offering connections between Sweden and the rest of Europe. They serve 9 destinations in Sweden. The company offers discounted tickets for children , students and seniors.

For travel within Scandinavia, there are other bus operators which offer reliable and affordable service.




Bus operators within the country

The largest bus operator is Swebus Express which serves 300 destinations in the country and they also offer connections to other Scandinavian countries. Children, people under 25, students (with valid identification) and senior citizens receive 20% discount. Tickets can be purchased on the website and cannot be purchased (anymore) directly from the bus. The buses offer free wi-fi and power outlets. The fare depends on the day of departure and how far in advance you purchase the ticket.

Svenska Buss also operates quite a large network for express buses. Most routes originate in Stockholm , going all the way north to Ange / Harnosand, west to Goteborg and south to Malmo. They offer three types of tickets. If you pay the ticket in the bus, a surcharge is added. Children get 50% discount, while students and seniors get 25%.

GobyBus and Bus4You operate within the southern third of the country and also offer connections to other Scandinavian countries. The websites don’t offer English as a choice but it’s not very hard to figure things out. They also offer discounts for children, people under 29, students and seniors.

Ybuss operates between Stockholm and the northern part of the country. Tickets can be booked online. Children, students and infants can get discounts.

Each county operates its regional network and some of the companies offer discount cards, which come in handy when you want to focus on a certain part of the country. However, most people just want to visit two or three cities within the country which means the express buses are the best way to zip to/from the destinations.

Regional network of buses

Many regional train operators also offer buses so the tickets are valid on both trains and buses. Skånetrafiken in Scania operates both trains and buses; and so do Trafik i Mälardalen and UL .

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