After deciding to spend your vacation in Sweden, the next step is to figure out where exactly you’ll be staying. In the pages of WhyGo Sweden we are going to cover both the very popular tourist destinations and those tucked away places waiting to be discovered.

Stockholm : the capital of Scandinavia is well known cultural and economic hub in Northern Europe. The weather in the city changes drastically from season to season thanks to its location. During summer, explore the many islands, while during winter spend your time in a café. The Old Town is also nice place to check out.

Gothenburg : a laid back city and clearly the capital of the entertainment, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Home to Volvo, great parks, interesting museums and a cozy old part of the town where you can find lovely cafes and second hand boutiques, the city is totally worth your visit.




Malmo : the city is located in the southern part of the country, really close to the neighboring Denmark. It’s home to lovely festivals, beaches and great nightclubs.

Museums : there are plenty of museums to visit and it can get pretty overwhelming. The page lists some of the most important museums and why you should visit them.

Tours : if you are on a tight schedule, the best way to maximize the sites seen is by taking a tour. You can check out the city attractions or explore the nature.

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