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Finding your way in Sweden can get a bit tricky but English is spoken in the big cities. In the pages of WhyGo Sweden you’ll find all the information needed to plan your vacation in Sweden: how to get to Sweden, where to stay and how to get around. Also, you’ll find everything you need to know about the currency, using the ATMs and other useful information.

Sweden Travel Information

  • Flights to Sweden : read about the airports and airlines flying into Sweden — including the low-cost ones — and then book your seat right on this website.

  • Sweden Hostels : Sweden is not a cheap country so the hostels are quite sought-after when travelers try to cut their lodging costs. Beds cost between US$20 and US$45 per night and there are quite a lot of choices available.



  • Stockholm Hotels : Sweden’s capital is home to great hotels but the prices are definitely high (lowest around US$100 per night). Browse around and learn about the available hotels and then make your choice.

  • Vacation Rentals : if you plan to stay in Sweden during summer, renting a house is the best option (especially money-wise). The prices vary drastically depending on the location. Make sure to book well in advance.

  • Transportation in Sweden : the third largest country in Western Europe offers some incredible choices to move from one place to another. There are high speed trains and airplanes connecting the cities. Within the major cities, the public transport is excellent.

  • Car rental in Sweden : if you like to have freedom of movement, definitely consider renting a car.

Sweden General Information

  • Information : all you need to know about the currency, obtaining a visa and other useful things needed while visiting the country.

  • Weather in Sweden : thanks to its location, Sweden is the land of the extremes. Learn about the weather and what you should expect when you visit the country.