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If there is every a country where you can do your own thing, Sweden is it. You can get by in English and in terms of personal safety, it’s about as good as it gets (naturally, standard common sense applies). However, if you’re traveling solo and want to meet up with fellow wanderers, or you simply can’t be bothered to figure out the details yourself, there are several tour options available.

Organized trips from North America
Visit Sweden has a list of North American tour operators that offer guided trips to Sweden. Sweden is also a stop on several of Contiki’s travel packages for travelers aged 18 to 35. There are various options ranging between 11 days and 20 days and including different combinations of Russia, Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics. Prices are USD 1,745 and up (excluding airfare).

Outdoor activities
There are many local operators that can help you arrange everything from kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago to dog sledding in Lappland. Try Svea Adventures, which offers outdoors and eco-adventures including horseback riding, hiking, cycling, sea kayaking and paddling, as well as winter activities ranging from dogsledding to cross-country skiing. If you are planning a trip to Kiruna, be sure to get in touch wit husky musher Mikael Forsen of Northern Nature Experience. He runs a kennel with 46 Alaskan huskies (plus a few litters of tiny sled-dogs-in-training) and can also help arrange everything from rafting to hiking in the summer.




City tours
You can book your own authorized guide through the Stockholm Visitors Board. There are currently around 280 guides who speak 30 languages. These include archipelago guides, taxi drivers and authorized guides for other types of tours. Examples include walking tours of the city, visits to museums, guided tours with special themes, and guided bus and boat tours. Sightseeing tours by taxi can be booked for either a fixed price for a specific route or by meter according to your preferences. To book a guide, contact Stockholm Visitors Board, Guide Reservation Office. Tel +46 8 508 285 08 , Fax +46 8 508 285 09, or e-mail [email protected]

Boat tours
Stockholm Sightseeing offers a Stockholm Winter Tour, which takes you out on the water on an ice-breaking boat to the inner archipelago. After passing the city’s quays, the boat heads to the idyllic archipelago islands of Fjäderholmarna. Tours daily from Strömkajen (in front of the Grand Hotel) run from mid-December to early April. Price: SEK 170 (USD 26). They also offer a range of other boat and bus tours.

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