Train Travel in Sweden

Sweden has an extensive rail network and using the train to get from one place to another allows the traveler to discover the country’s natural beauty. Plus, you can always enjoy a meal on board. The trains are modern, making it a delight to choose this method of transportation.

Inter-Regional Trains

The biggest operator is the government-owned SJ . To get the cheapest tickets, go to their website 90 days before your scheduled departure. Point-to-point tickets are quite expensive, so the alternative would be Sweden InterRail pass for the European citizens or the Eurail pass for the non-European citizens.

The inter-regional trains have 1st and 2nd class, as well as a restaurant car. There are special seats for disabled travelers available.

Unlike in most European countries, bicycles are not generally allowed in trains. But SJ lists , on their website, the trains which transport bicycles. And there’s a surcharge (149 SEK / €16.62) for a bike.

SJ operates high speed trains which zip you from city to city with the speed of 200 kmph. The high speed trains operate on the following routes:



  • Stockholm to Copenhagen, Göteborg, Jönköping, Sundsvall – Härnösand / Östersund
  • Göteborg to Malmö, Copenhagen
  • Stockholm – Borlänge — Falun
  • Stockholm-Karlstad-Arvika

The night trains offer a good way to cover long distances, while sleeping comfortably in a couchette or a sleeper. The trains also have a dining car which serves all meals. Bicycles are not allowed on night trains.

Regional Trains

The companies operating trains within the regions are usually contracted by the counties. So, each region has its network and own operator.

In Scania (Swedish: SkÃ¥ne), the operator is SkÃ¥netrafiken (the site is also in English). You can take the bicycle in the train if there is room left and the train manager is the person who decides how many bikes can be taken on board. Jojo Discount card can be bough for the summer, for 30 days or pay as you go and offers discounts. For example a regular ticket for the Malmö-Köpenhamn (Copenhagen) route is 105 SEK / €11.71 if paid in cash and 84 SEK / €9.37 if the Jojo card is used. The company also operates buses within the same region.

In Mälardalen, Trafik i Mälardalen is the operator. The website also lists both trains and buses. The site is only in Sweden.

In the north part of the country, Connex is the operator offering train connections.

UL serves Uppsala county and they operate both trains and buses.

However, SJ lists all the trains operating in Sweden (along with the operator) , as well as those passing through the country. The prices are listed and you can purchase the ticket directly from the website. On their main page they list the “Best Buy Calendar” which is a very good resource for finding the dates of the cheapest fares on the most popular routes.

Scenic trains

An exciting way to discover new area is by taking a scenic train ride through spectacular places. The Inlandsbanan runs between middle of June to the end of August, from Kristinehamn to Gällivare. InterRail passes are valid on the trains. Ticketsc can be bought for sections of the route. The Inlandsbanan Card is a good options for those who want to explore the are on their own (and don’t plan to buy package tours). The single ticket from Östersund to Gällivare is 992 SEK / €111. From Mora to Östersund, the single fare is 427 SEK / €47.63.

Connex operates the Lapland train, which is another scenic journey in Sweden. They allow one baggage and one bicycle per passenger (for 99 SEK / €11.04). It runs from Malmo or Göteborg to Stockholm and stops in Narvik. Interrail and Eurail passes can be used on the Lapland train.

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