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red_cottage_sweden.jpg There is a national love affair with the summer house (perhaps because the Scandinavian winters leave a bit to be desired — like light). Swedes are so fond of their little red houses that artist Mikael Genberg is actually collaborating with the Swedish Space Corporation to put one on the moon by 2011. Almost 20% of Swedes own a summer house, and the most popular areas to buy summer houses are the Stockholm archipelago, SkÃ¥ne, Öland, Gotland, the West Coast and SmÃ¥land.

General advice
If you want to rent a cottage, be sure to plan your stay ahead as things can book up weeks or months ahead. Although accommodation standards can range from luxury to basic, make sure you inquire about what you need to bring. Assume you’ll need to come prepared. A Swedish vacation in a typical summer cottage will offer basic accommodation; usually beds (but not bedding) are provided, as are cooking facilities. These rustic accommodations are a great option for budget travelers or anyone who doesn’t mind roughing it. Useful vocabulary words include “sommarstuga” (summer cottage) and “hyra” (to rent).

Finding a place to call your own
There are several booking services that offer listings of summer homes and cottages available for rent. Stugknuten and Stugguiden both offer fairly comprehensive websites in English.




City living
Several agencies will help you find a room in a private apartment for approximately USD 30-50 per night. Expect higher availability in the summer as many city dwellers rent out their apartments while they are camping out in their little red summer cottages. Check out The Bed and Breakfast Agency or Gästrummet B&B, which allows to you sort according to neighborhood.

The Stockholm archipelago is one of the most popular tourist destinations for locals and tourists alike. Bed & Breakfast in the Stockholm Archipelago is a great resource for anyone planning an adventure in the Stockholm archipelago. If you’re planning an extended stay in the archipelago, one of the more charming islands is Möja. There is a nice youth hostel, but you’ll get personal attention at the bed and breakfast run by Lotta and Leonard at the Möja Cafe & Bakery in the village of Berg. Their website is only available in Swedish, so call +46 70-67 67 500 or email [email protected] to check availability. They open after Midsummer (June 21).

Gotland, an island off the south-east coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea, was once a major medieval trading center and now attracts almost 800,000 tourists per year. Book accommodation or find a vacation rental through Gotlands Resor.

The south of Sweden is also a popular vacation spot, especially if you are looking for the quintessential red cottage. You’ll find a booking engine for SkÃ¥ne cottages here.

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