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Flight over the Swiss AlpsIf you want to fly to Switzerland economically, then research a flight to Zurich first. The reason is simple: a flight to the city of Zurich will probably be the most inexpensive way to fly into Switzerland and it serves as a central hub to reach other big cities.

Zurich is about one hour by train to Basel, Lucerne and Bern (about $60 USD one-way). It’s about three hours away by train to Geneva, Lausanne and the areas in Switzerland near Italy (about $100 USD one-way). Consider a Swiss Pass if you’re planning to travel for more than three days.

There is only one main airport in Zurich, so you can check the airport website to get a list of all the airlines flying into Zurich airport, including the low-cost airlines like easyJet and Germanwings.

Typical flight costs to Zurich

  • From New York to Zurich (Delta is $350-$500 one-way)
  • From London to Zurich (easyJet is $40-$80 one-way)
  • From Berlin to Zurich (Germanwings is $80-$150)

If you plan to visit several places in Europe during your trip, consider the order in which you will visit them. You might be able to save money on your flight by going to one of your other destinations first and then taking rail or a local low-cost airline to Switzerland. If you go by train into Switzerland, you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe (if you like forests, mountains and lakes next to idyllic villages).




Swiss Air TakeoffFor a multi-stop trip, Switzerland stands out because it’s likely to be more organized and expensive than the countries surrounding it. It also has the Alps, so it has the potential to have the most snow. After a few weeks of roughing it around Europe, you may want to be pampered in a nice Swiss hotel or stay at a peaceful chalet near a lake, but remember it might also cost you more, than say, Portugal.

If you plan to fly directly into Switzerland, here’s a tip to make sure you are getting a low fare: find the city near you with the lowest-price to Zurich. This gives you a base-line price you can use to compare to more direct flights to see if it’s worth it to go out of your way to nearby cities to fly from. See list below.

Find the city in your country with the lowest price to fly to Zurich (round-trip)

  • UK – London – under $100
  • Germany – Berlin – under $200
  • Spain – Barcelona – under $200
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam – under $200
  • France – Paris – under $200
  • Italy – Rome – under $300
  • Turkey – Istanbul – under $300
  • Israel – Tel Aviv Yafo – under $400
  • USA East Coast – New York – under $700
  • USA West Coast – Los Angeles – under $900
  • Thailand – Bangkok – under $1000

If you just want a general idea of the cost, I’d say a round-trip to Switzerland from Europe is $200-$300, from North America it is $700-$1000, from Asia it’s $1000 to $2000, and from South America and Australia it’s $2000-$3000. Off season- spring and fall – will be cheaper than the peak seasons of the summer and around the holidays.

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