Hostels in Switzerland

Switzerland Hostel Inside ViewRegardless of what’s leading you to Switzerland–the winter sports, the beautiful countryside, the wonderful museums–eventually, you’ll have to face the high prices that come with this wonderful place. And if you want to make the most of your budget here, you’ll want to find ways to spend wisely.

After airfare, lodging is typically the most expensive part of a trip, so make sure you get a cheap flight. Then, make sure you find some reasonably-priced accommodations. And, save more of your Swiss Francs for activities, events, shopping and food.

If you’ve never considered a hostel, Switzerland might be a good place to try one out as hostels in Switzerland tend to be of a higher standard than in other European countries.




Many hostels in Switzerland come with private rooms and linen service. They are essentially like budget hotels in which you might have to share a shower.

Hotels can be extremely expensive in Switzerland, and hostels can save your 30% to 50% off the cost of a regular hotel. Think about $70 USD instead of $140 USD per night at the low end.

Switzerland enjoys a high standard of living — you can expect hostels to be clean and safe in any city in the entire country.

For the hostel-seeking traveler, here some things to watch out for:

  • Switzerland does not have an abundance of low-cost housing options, so it’s easy for them to get all booked up, especially during special events. Book ahead whenever possible. It’s easy to arrive somewhere and find that the only accommodations available are way out of your budget.
  • Remember to consider bed and breakfasts as an alternate to hostels. With so many charming Swiss towns, expect to find some B&Bs instead of hostels.
  • One more thing, Swiss cities like Zurich may be fast-paced and intense, but the smaller towns in Switzerland can be quite different. Don’t be surprised to find some accommodations that go to sleep early and expect peace and quiet during sleeping hours.

Photo by Christopher Macsurak

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