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Swiss hotels have a certain practical luxury about them. They are high-quality and probably expensive, but too practical to be ostentatious. And, don’t be surprised if the hotel you stay in is hundreds of years old.

Finding a hotel in advance

The best strategy I’ve found is to reserve a room online before you even arrive in the city. There are lots of advantages to this. You are likely to get a lower price online than in person. If you reserve a room, you’ll be sure it’s available when you arrive. And finally, it can be frustrating looking for hotels with all your luggage, even if the town is gorgeous and incredibly walkable.

Finding a hotel away from business-centers will probably land you in a more charming hotel in a more charming part of town anyway, and the public transportation in Switzerland is renowned for its efficiency, so you can reach any spot in a city by transit quickly.

If you do end up in a Swiss town, looking for a hotel on foot, it’s different than the US. In the US, you can find lower-priced hotels along the freeway as you drive out of the cities. You can’t do that in Switzerland because there aren’t hotels just lined up along the freeways. In fact, finding hotels by walking around can be difficult–you won’t find big signs cluttering Swiss towns to tell you where the hotels are.




Costs and what to expect from a hotel in Switzerland

The cost to stay in hotels in Switzerland is not that different from the United States. Zurich is priced comparable to San Francisco, about 93 CHF – 466 CHF per night ($100-$500 USD) and smaller towns cost less,  55 CHF per night and up ($60 USD and up).

If you do reserve online, make sure to ask questions beforehand about things that are important to you such air conditioning (rarely needed), elevator access, smoking options, and breakfast included. Many hotels also include a transit card in the price which you can use for the local transit system for the day of your stay.

It’s easy to get shocked by prices for hotels, especially those used by business people. Swiss people take business very seriously and also engage in some of the most lucrative businesses in the world.  If the hotel you choose is used by businesspeople frequently, expect to pay more. Hotels next to train stations, airports, large companies and convention halls can be ridiculously expensive.

In the US you can also find a “low-rent” part of town to get a less-expensive hotel. That can also be difficult in Swiss town because their “low-rent” town is not that “low.” The country enjoys a high-standard of living, especially in the cities.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the “best price” the hotel can offer you, as long as you do it politely. The Swiss pride themselves on being able to do business with all cultures so they’ll meet you halfway.

photo by garybembridge

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