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Since ecotourism has become such a hot potato there is frequent talk of greenwashing within the travel industry yet it’s not always entirely clear what that means. Definition of Greenwashing To whitewash over something is to cover the cracks so when people talk about whitewashing over the issues they mean […]

What is Greenwashing?

While it’s great to be recognised by other websites and it’s very important to maintain an air of humility, y’know, not get too pompous about it, how could I possibly not get excited when I discovered an article by EcoTravelLogue highlighted by the granddaddy of all ecotourism organisations, The International […]

EcoTravelLogue listed by International Ecotourism Society

I stumbled across this wonderful article on World Hum recently and wanted to share it with you. It describes a journey to the once pristine island of Koh Phangan in Thailand; how it was in 1994 and then again in 2006. It’s a great travel story that manages to capture […]

World Hum Travel Article on Koh Phangan, Thailand

A few nights ago a programme called Strange Days, televised by Planet Earth TV, discussed what happens to an environment when predators are removed. The documentary makers found that when natural predators are left to flourish so too does an ecosystem. Hunters Become the Hunted A problem was highlighted in […]

The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone National Park

News that the Galápagos Islands, the world’s first World Heritage Site, are under threat has again put mass tourism in the spotlight. The Galápagos are a cluster of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean sitting just west of Ecuador, South America. They are best known for their wealth of unique […]

Galápagos Islands on Unesco Danger List due to Mass Tourism

Just when you thought you’d found your favourite travel guides another lot pops on to the market to cause confusion but these aren’t any old tourist guides, no, eco travellers, the VERYstyleguide Ecological focuses specifically on the various aspects enviro tourists get excited about like, green restaurants, ethical businesses or […]

New Ecological Travel Guides by VERY Publications