About Edinburgh

I’ve been ranting alot recently, and I’m thankful to get it all off my chest, but I thought it appropriate today to get back to some down to earth travel advice. It is afterall (supposed to be) a travel website first and a soapbox second 🙂 I’ve come across several […]

Touring Edinburgh/Scotland

By bus (coach) The Edinburgh bus network is cheap, extensive and frequent making it the easiest and most cost effective way of navigating the city. Local bus companies offer daily tickets, which allow you unlimited travel in and around Edinburgh. You buy these tickets, and single journey tickets, on board […]

Edinburgh: getting around by bus…ahh, I mean coach

Edinburgh International Airport is 12km (8 miles) west of the city centre and is easy to reach thanks to an excellent – and regular – Airlink Coach service and good taxi services. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the city centre to the airport. London, the UK’s major […]

Edinburgh: getting here by plane

Like any other metropolis, Edinburgh has its share of glitz and glamour, stoops and slums. The thing that has always intrigued me is the way that trend and fashion are often born in the precincts of the poor, only to be worn out by the machinations of popular culture and […]

Trainspotting and Trendsetting

Who’s saying what, who, where, why and when. Purge your angst at the state of Edinburgh’s traffic. Come on, venting makes you feel better. Edinburgh surgeons pioneer the use of Botox to cure incontinence. I’m sure there’s a humourous one-liner there. Anyone? Roll on: New skate park opens in Edinburgh. […]

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