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The only post you’ll ever need: this is your one-stop Irish travel guide! So, after a year and almost a thousand posts on Ireland, I thought I’d put the site to the test and demonstrate how to use Irelandlogue.com to plan your visit to Ireland. What follows is a step-by-step […]

Plan your visit to Ireland

It’s been a year in the ‘logue, folks and, as I promised in an earlier post, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look over the year of blogging that’s been. What follows is a review some of the highlights of the past year’s logue-ing. Over […]

One year of Irelandlogue

Since the first day I started Irelandlogue I have been blogging about Irish music sessions. At least twice a week I attend a live Irish music session and post an mp3 and photo from the session. Regular readers of Irelandlogue.com will be familiar with The Shack, Sean’s Sunday session, Brideswell, […]

Irish Session rules

You probably know I’ve been running posts on Irish slang. You may remember back in May I published a substantial post about the use of the Irish language in modern Ireland. Heck, I even auditioned for the Irish Sesame Street as gaeilge, but I’ve actually made very little mention of […]

10 “useful” phrases in Irish (as gaeilge)

Yes, that’s what it’s called here: “The Bebo”. It may be only the third most popular social networking site with just 1.18% share of the market, but it’s by far the most popular social networking site in Ireland. Yes, for some reason Ireland just loves the Bebo. Radio programs, DJs […]

The Bebo and her band

Begorrah! Top of the morning! Yes, two phrases you may have heard on Darby O’Gill and the Little People but that you will never actually hear spoken in Ireland. Most people have heard the Irish speak, but there are a lot of little things about their slang and turns of […]

Irish Slang – Crisps