The Museum Le Mayeur in Sanur is definitely a must-see place in Bali for the simple reason that some of Belgian artist Andrien Jean Le Mayeur‘s finest paintings of his lovely wife Ni Pollok, who often modeled for him, are housed here. Located just steps away from Sanur Beach, the […]

Museum Le Mayeur: Sanur, Bali

Hindu Dharma, the religious belief system of Bali, governs all activities of the daily life of the Balinese. The three basic fundamentals of the Hindu Dharma are Yadnya (ceremony), Tatwa (philosophy), and Susila (moral behavior). These interact to form Balinese culture.

Hindu Dharma – Balinese Belief: Bali

Many of you have seen Kris for sale on the streets of Kuta, or at various ceremonies around Bali. The Kris is an integral part of these ceremonies and festivities and, denotes a man’s standing in society as well as being an important part of his formal attire when attending […]

The Sacred Kris: Indonesia