Along the golden coastline of Benidorm, you can hardly see sand. Instead, soaring skyscrapers poke out of the skyline, each seemingingly competing to see who’s taller. But I’m not here to lounge on the beach or discuss about the overdevelopment of Benidorm’s shoreline, I’m here to experience a starkly different […]

Off the Beaten Path: Outdoor Adventure in Benidorm

I have not had a chance to try it myself, but have been intrigued by some of the travel-related offerings from the sporting goods/outdoor company REI (which just opened a LEED-certified green store located in my current hometown of Round Rock, Texas.) The Austin American-Statesman had a blurb yesterday about […]

Get outdoors with REI classes and clinics

Every Tuesday until we run out of states, I plan to post about family-friendly travel ideas, attractions and events in each one of the US states, taking input mostly from Twitter and Facebook. We’re going in alphabetical order but starting with the end, so our first state for the series […]

Family travel in West Virginia: the 50 state series

The coral reefs off Bunaken Island are a divers paradise and should not be missed while you are in Manado, Sulawesi. Relatively unspoiled and magnificent virgin reefs await divers and the drop-off walls at Liang cove has caves, gullies and caverns, harbouring an immense wealth of marine life. Spectacular reef […]

Diving at the Bunaken National Marine Park: Sulawesi

The archipelago of Indonesia is an adventurers delight and also for those travellers who want to get off the beaten tourist path and immerse themselves into different cultures as well as engaging in activities beyond the normal tourist norm. Each island offers something different to the traveller whether it be […]

Adventure on the Mahakam River: Kalimantan

When you travel across Java there are many beautiful cities and large towns but none are as cool and delightful to walk around as the second largest city in East Java, Malang. Famous for its cool air and the surrounding country regions, the city was commonly referred to as ‘Paris […]

Fifteen Great Reasons to Visit Malang: East Java