New Yorkers really do have it all – the best pizza, great art museums and theatres, and not one, but three great gateways to explore the world. With millions of people and thousands of flight options every day, New York offers perhaps the greatest range of travel options of any […]

Find the Best Summer Deals from New York

For decades, the Canary Islands have been one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, for both summer getaways and winter breaks. With year-round excellent weather and stunning beaches, it’s no wonder tourists from all over the continent flock to its shores year after year. As you can imagine, with […]

Cheap Flights to the Canary Islands

Madrid might be the main gateway to Spain, but many visitors, especially European travelers, also fly to Barcelona. With easy access to various cities in Spain, Barcelona makes the second most popular city in Spain to fly to. Thanks to the large network of airlines that connect Barcelona to the world, […]

Cheap Flights to Barcelona

Y’all know I can be pretty tight-fisted, right? I’ll happily spend money when it makes sense to do so, and for things and experiences that are special, but when it comes to transportation and hotels, I’m okay with your basic clean versions. I simply want to get back and forth […]

Need a laugh? Low-cost airline spoof video had me rolling