The funky slanted yellow things behind my daughter and I are the Kubuswoningen or Cube Houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You can tour the interior of one of them to see how clever design and architecture creates interesting places to live.

Photo of the Week: the Cube Houses, Rotterdam

You wouldn’t expect one of the biggest tourist attractions in a city to be unfinished, especially when it’s been under construction since – get this – 1882. You’ll have to visit the Sagrada Familia church for yourself to see whether all that building time is worth it. As one of […]

Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona

The northern coastal harbour-city of Semarang, Central Java is a divided city — the old and the new. The old, being located on a coastal plain between two Banjir Canals, and the most interesting to explore. The new, being located in the Southern Candi hills, is the newer residential area […]

Pasar Johar: Semarang, Central Java

It is not clear what the owner of Sampoerna Strategic Square is trying to achieve with the building’s revamp. Is he trying to copy the gardens of Buckingham palace or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Maybe his vision is somewhere in between. What is certain though is that the building’s […]

Sampoerna Strategic Square: Jakarta, West Java

How do you trick your kid into admiring modern architects like Mies van der Rohe and the wedding-cake intricacies of the 1925 Chicago Tribune Tower? Take her on a river cruise run by the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF.) They offer all sorts of interesting tours, but on our July 2007 […]

Chicago architecture, seen from a river cruise

Kibout, 59, spent the afternoon sitting in front of the old Chinese shop in Pasar Baru market, Central Jakarta. The exterior of the dilapidated two-story shop, dominated by faded red and decorated with oriental ornaments, bore the sign “Toko Kompak“.

Architectural Treasures in Pasar Baru: Jakarta, West Java