After decades in the closet, classical dance forms such as ballroom, salsa and tango are now out of the mothballs and back on the dance floor. Dust is brushed off 1950’s sequined frocks, tuxedos are again looking slick and patent leather shoes for men are suddenly cool.

Tango Bali Club: Bali

General Teachers generally recommend searching for jobs in person, usually in late February for South America to catch the school year at the right time (and August for Mexico and Central America which follow a Northern Hemisphere schedule), though plenty of language schools hire all year round. An in-person search […]

Working In Latin America: An Overview

This being year’s end, seems like a good time to re-visit some posts you might have missed. Here are a few of my favorite Eco-destination stories. South Africa’s wild coast offers beaches, forest, lagoons, rolling hills, dolphins, whales, you name it. Egypt’s Red Sea coast… wind, sand, stars, and surf. […]

Best Eco-Destinations

The folks at Ethical Traveler recently ranked the “Best Ethical Travel Destinations,” and Argentina was at the top of the list … well, OK, it was there because it starts with “A,” not because it ranked highest, but nonetheless, it’s a short list and Argentina is on it. “Argentina has […]

Eco-Travel Destination — Discover Argentina’s Solar Towns, National Parks