One of the must-see attractions in Western Australia., the tiny island of Rottnest sites 19 kilometers off the coast near Fremantle. Attracting tourists and locals, Rottnest is know for its beautiful, clean and secluded beaches. Book your airfare to Australia into Perth, and you can easily visit  Rottnest as a […]

Visting Rottnest Island in Australia

It’s January, which is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring break trip this year. It may seem like it’s a little early, but spring break is a popular time to travel – and that means the best deals on the best places will be scooped up long […]

Spring Break in Western Australia

Y’know how sometimes, no matter how good your most recent experience is, you find yourself reminiscing about your first? The one that opened your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed before? Oh, stop. I’m talking about the first destination you traveled to, people. I talk about Italy all […]

Remembering Your “First”