Next month much world attention will focus on Bali as representatives of national governments from around the world gather there for a climate-change summit which, it can only be hoped, will result in substantive new treaties (that will also be implemented) to address the increasing woes the world is facing […]

Becoming a ‘Greener’ Traveler

Indonesian scientists will embark on an ambitious, two-year expedition to Raja Ampat in West Papua to study biodiversity there and possibly unearth new species in a region dubbed the world’s most diverse.

RI plans Frontier Study

Many scientists have suggested that around 2,000 small islands in Indonesia will disappear due to rising sea levels caused by global warming. And, if this prediction does become reality, the biodiversity on those islands, including flora, fauna and micro-bacteria — all important sources for potential medicines — will also vanish.

Indonesians in Focus: Damayanti Buchori

The Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) is launching a book on mountainous flora in Java in an attempt to raise awareness of the richness of the country’s biodiversity and to provide a reference for environmental and biological studies. The newly-published book is an Indonesian language translation of The Mountain Flora […]

LIPI Launches Book on Java Flora: Jakarta, West Java

In yesterday’s Jakarta Post, the Editorial was excellent and one well worth reading. It explains that Indonesians are blessed to live in an archipelago that is one of the richest and most vital in the world. Such is its natural wealth that every so often a new species is still […]

Indonesia’s Biodiversity