A gaggle of some of my dearest travel blogging friends run a dynamite fundraiser every year – it’s called Passports with Purpose and oh by the way, the BootsnAll Travel Network (which hosts this blog) is a Platinum PwP sponsor. So what’s with the “build a village” thing? How can […]

Build a village and win cool travel stuff: Passports with ...

Finally the wait is over, it’s contest time! For the 2010 TBEX conference in New York, BootsnAll custom-made some really funky moleskin journals – think red, sleek and stylish – and since we have some leftovers, we’re giving them away here on WhyGoSpain! How to Enter: If you haven’t done […]

Win Free Moleskin Journals from WhyGoSpain!

Today is the 4th anniversary of the Family Travel blog here on the BootsnAll Travel Network.  True story – this blog is here because of books. I first heard about BootsnAll from Stephanie Elizondo Griest on a travel writer’s panel at the stupendously great annual Texas Book Festival in Austin. The very first […]

Happy Fourth Birthday, Dear Blog

The Family Travel Guide has a new Facebook Fan Page; it’s one of the ways we’re working with the BootsnAll Travel Network to get the word out about this blog (which will celebrate its 4th bloggy birthday on February 10, 2010 – can you believe it?!) Right now the Page […]

We have a new Facebook Fan Page

(This is cross-posted on the Perceptive Travel blog and Every Dot Connects.) I know that I’m a very fortunate freelance writer and social media/Web 2.0 trainer; I have a military pension and health insurance from my 22+ years in the US Navy. I can ride out the current economic storm […]

I’m thinking about the future, not the rotten economy, and ...

Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. BootsnAll is a very comprehensive Web site, with all sorts of information for the independent traveler, but it can be hard to know where to start looking for those information nuggets. Enter the Traveler’s Toolkit (it’s almost better than a […]

One-stop travel research: the BootsnAll Traveler’s Toolkit