(This is a guest post by Sherry Ott, from her recent trip via MegaBus. I’ve been curious about these newer budget bus services, so I asked for her reactions. Thanks, Sherry!) Travel on the US East Coast has changed.  “Taking the bus” is no longer looked down upon; in fact, […]

Tired of flying or driving with the kids? Consider MegaBus

There are a wealth of family-friendly activities on Hawaii’s Big Island, in part because it is, well, pretty doggone big. If you want beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungles or towns, it’s all there….and don’t miss the annual Parker Ranch Rodeo coming up on July 4.  Yes, a rodeo on a ranch in Hawaii. […]

Kids swimming with dolphins in Hawaii: worth the cost?

Y’all know I can be pretty tight-fisted, right? I’ll happily spend money when it makes sense to do so, and for things and experiences that are special, but when it comes to transportation and hotels, I’m okay with your basic clean versions. I simply want to get back and forth […]

Need a laugh? Low-cost airline spoof video had me rolling

We’re so used to using search engines like Google or the new Bing Travel to look for travel deals (and metasearch engines like Kayak or Travelocity to book trips) that it’s easy to forget one “old school” way to do it…. The visitor’s Web sites that belong to the destination […]

Hunting for travel deals? Don’t forget these Web sites