The Spaniards are best known for their festive parties and hedonistic indulgence. New Year celebrations are no exceptions — expect phenomenal feasting, plenty of dressing up, drinking and partying till dawn. From Christmas Day till the Three Kings’ Day (Dia de Los Reyes Magos) on 6th January, the celebrations almost […]

New Years in Spain

“Campeones Campeones Campeones…Champions ” The chanting echoed through the streets of Granada last night, as Spain fans in every corner of the country rejoiced in their victory. The entire country was painted in red and yellow, even buildings and monuments had the Spanish flag draped over them. Jubilant fans jumped […]

Photo Essay: Spain Celebrates its First WorldCup Win!

Wherever you are in the archipelago there is something happening for New Year celebrations. I can recall during the era of Soeharto there was a time when all the major cities in Indonesia competed [unofficially of course] to see who put on the best celebration. But for my money the […]

Year-End Festivities