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Most visitors to Portland want to stay downtown. While Portland has a lot of unique and cool neighborhoods, from Mississippi in North Portland, to Hawthorne and Belmont in SE Portland – most of these neighborhoods do not have hotels. So if you’re not keen to Couchsurf or Airbnb your stay in Portland, […]

Where to Stay in Portland for Under $115 {& Like ...

Ibiza, the great party capital of the world, is an excellent island to unwind and lounge around the pristine beaches with your friends. With year-round excellent weather,  stunning beaches and a greaty party scene, it’s no wonder travelers from all over the world flock to the shores of Ibiza year after year. Where to […]

Cheap Hotels in Ibiza

It’s easy to see why Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in the world. From world-class architecture to historical monuments to modern, futuristic structures, Barcelona has everything you would ask for in a city, and more. Poised right along the coastline, Barcelona has one of the most beautiful […]

Cheap Hotels in Barcelona