The Chinese don’t really make it easy for people to travel to the country. A visa is required, and all travelers must register with the police withing 24 hours of arrival, carry their passports with them at all times, and even get an exist visa before leaving. Add to that […]

Travel to China is Worth the Effort

Yes, folks, it is true. You can buy those attractive Crocs shoes for your kids all over the world (I picked up this flyer in Shanghai.) Then again, I’m not sure that this is a good thing….

Photo of the Week: Crocs invade China

I’m always hearing the China Business Network‘s Christine Lu on Twitter going on about picking up her favorite Jasmine Boba Tea. While we were in Shanghai together on the China 2.0 Tour, she took me to the chain place that offers her favorite version of the drink. The drink/light food […]

Stop into China’s rbt for tea and juice drinks

During the China 2.0 Tour, our blogger gaggle took the “soft sleeper” overnight train from Beijing to Shanghai, China. We left at about 7:30 pm at night from Beijing and arrived Shanghai at 7 am. In China, perfect strangers share four-person compartments (both men and women together) but we re-jiggered […]

Video: the Beijing to Shanghai overnight train

After a long flight to Beijing for the China 2.0 Tour, I went with a group of our “old China hands” to find a foot massage/reflexology place as a way to attack everyone’s jet lag. We ended up in a three-story foot emporium, a chain business in China, called Liangzi. […]

Happy feet in Beijing

(This is cross-posted on the Perceptive Travel blog and Every Dot Connects.) I know that I’m a very fortunate freelance writer and social media/Web 2.0 trainer; I have a military pension and health insurance from my 22+ years in the US Navy. I can ride out the current economic storm […]

I’m thinking about the future, not the rotten economy, and ...

My readers know what a semi-psychotic fan I am of Web 2.0/social media, not because the shiny tools themselves give me vapors, but because they allow me to meet and become friends with the most amazing people. One of those friendships just brought me a stupendous opportunity – Elliott Ng […]

Breaking news: I’m going to China!