Even newcomers to San Francisco know that one of the main tourist attractions is the city’s Chinatown. However touristy long-time residents might consider it, San Francisco’s Chinatown holds the distinction of being both the oldest Chinatown in North America and the home of the largest Chinese community outside Asia. That’s […]

Asian Festivals in San Francisco

Being married to an Indonesian-born Chinese Bhuddist it’s only natural that I have a deep interest in Chinese culture and those parts of Indonesia where the persons of Chinese descent reside. In every major city in the Archipelago there is a Chinatown (pecinan) and one of my favourites is in […]

Glodok — Chinatown: Jakarta, West Java

If you travel to Java then the northern coastal harbour-city of Semarang is one place you should not miss out on seeing. It is the capital of the province of Central Java and has a population of roughly1.5 million people making it the Indonesia’s fifth largest city. It was a […]

Semarang: Central Java