Mount Kawi, a major tourist destination near Malang city in East Java, is renowned for attracting fortune seekers. People visit Mount Kawi to ask for blessings and wish for many different things — a successful business, to meet their life partner or for a good career. It is even common […]

The Magic of Mount Kawi: East Java

Kampoeng China (Chinese Village), located at Kota Wisata housing complex in Cibubur, East Jakarta, is full of miniatures resembling famous places in China — Beijing’s Forbidden City or the Great Wall. Everything is painted red, the most important color in Chinese culture. There are also plenty of dragons and other […]

Kampoeng China: Cibubur, Jakarta, West Java

Some two centuries ago, a boat owned by a Chinese explorer became stranded near Tuban on the north coast of Java, which was then a marshy area teeming with crabs. In the face of this misfortune, so the story goes, the traveler pulled out his jiamsi sticks bearing verses that […]

Kwan Sing Bio: The Crab Shrine: Tuban, East Java

Sick of vegetables? Well, they don’t always have to be seen as staple ingredients for healthy meals — they can actually be used by anyone to pretty-up an otherwise dull dish — and that’s before they’re eaten. Chilies, onions, carrots, cucumbers and many other vegetables are willing objects. An otherwise-boring […]

Creative Vegetables

Steeped in 480 years of history, Jakarta has seen its historic buildings struggle to stay standing beside the ever-growing capital. Many of the city’s historic buildings have lost their struggle with time, their facades and infrastructure deteriorating gradually.

Ash House of Tjong Wins Cultural building Award

Lots of us espouse the value of learning the local language…but this is much easier said than done. Most language teachers will agree that the best way to become proficient in a language is to take a course and then actually use that language with native speakers, ideally ones who […]

Online Language Learning: The Loquella Language Tool

Many of us may have experienced the enjoyment of sipping a cup of green tea either at home (maybe rarely) or at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in the capital. No doubt, everyone will agree that green tea is really refreshing.

Crystal Jade My Bread: Central Jakarta, West Java