The holiday season (read: madness) has begun, but today is a day for relaxing with family and friends, eating some wonderful food, watching some football and passing out from triptophane ingestion. As an Aussie who has come to make the US his home, this is still a relatively new holiday […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Sean and I set off on our 10 day road trip to Yellowstone National Park to re-hike the trail that we developed the original BootsnAll code of conduct on. The first version was a little rough around the edges and we’ve since toned it down, but we still believe […]

Blogging on the Road

With BnA’s offices in Portland and Bali, and employees and family scattered around the world, I’m often wondering what time it is in various locations. For some time now I’ve been using this excellent site that I’ve customized with my important cities. Today I found a site that perhaps isn’t […]

What Time Is It?

My seat on the flight from Seattle to Newark was right at the very back. The plane was full so I guess I was lucky to get on and not have to wait for the next one at 1pm. I powered through most of a new book I started reading […]

New York in the Rain