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For centuries, the rich natural resources of the Indonesian archipelago have been exploited. During colonial rule and the Soeharto years, Indonesians had little say about how the assets of this great nation were managed. Today the nation’s ecological health is hanging in the balance. Environmental problems abound throughout the country. […]

The Environment and Indonesia

Is a trip to the Arctic in your future summer travel plans? Well you better get a move on because it’s not going to be there in 5 years. In April this year the BBC reported that Arctic ice was melting faster than originally calculated by computer models. They demonstrated […]

Summer Ice to Disappear from Arctic in 5 years

Need last minute Christmas gift ideas for the vagabond in your life? Or do you just fancy treating yourself this festive season? Take a gander at Eco Travel’s green gift list for travellers to get some ideas. Steel Water Carrier Eco-conscious travellers would prefer not to contribute to the growing […]

10 Green Gift Ideas for Travellers 2007

According to experts, mangroves are not getting the attention they deserve as a protective coastal barrier as mangroves are a natural way to lessen the severity of the impact (of climate change) to coastal communities. They are natural sea barriers, and they are also much cheaper then building sea walls […]

Mangroves Important to Indonesia

Let’s face it, our planet is slowly – NO — dying fast, and faster than most believe are led to believe. All hopes, if any, are resting with the delegates at the Bali Climate Conference being held in Bali this week. Hopes of a successful conference are high, partly because […]

Repairing a Sick Planet: Bali

The world’s booming tourism industry is both a contributor to and a victim of climate change but it must not be penalised as part of any solution, the head of the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) said. Francesco Frangialli, secretary-general of the UN body, said tourism was an economic lifeline […]

Booming Time in Tourism: Bali

Next month much world attention will focus on Bali as representatives of national governments from around the world gather there for a climate-change summit which, it can only be hoped, will result in substantive new treaties (that will also be implemented) to address the increasing woes the world is facing […]

Becoming a ‘Greener’ Traveler