Spain is reputed for many things: its rich culture, flamboyant traditional arts and beaches but most of all, it is best known for its food. The paella, ubiquitous jamon (cured ham) and churros con chocolate have all give Spain its world-famous status as a culinary capital. With such a rich gastronomy, […]

Cooking Classes in Spain

In Bahasa Indonesia tamarind is called asam jawa. Actually, besides the tamarind trees producing sour fruits, trees producing sweet fruits of the asam jawa, or Tamarindus Indica Linn, exist. But the main connotation of the asam jawa tree is having sour fruits as gastronome and epicurean el supremo Suryatini N. […]

‘Asam Jawa’: Indonesia

Adam and Eve chewed on one and looked what happened!. The delicious tomato has a lot to answer for but in Indonesia they are used a lot in cooking. Some people have them in their salad every day, or drink their juice first thing in the morning before breakfast, or […]

Tomatoes – the Love Apples: Indonesia