Safe sex is on the agenda for the first time this year, as the government prepares for the country’s first ever National Condom Week 2007 next month. The campaign is a national effort to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially HIV/AIDS, by encouraging safe sex.

National Condom Week is Coming

With volcanologists apparently unable to determine the exact day Mount Kelud will erupt, villagers in the area have turned to local mystics and soothsayers for their opinions. While their predictions have been varied, they do all seem to agree on one thing: The mountain will erupt in the next seven […]

Soothsayers Sought to Predict Eruption: Mount Kelud, East Java

Next month much world attention will focus on Bali as representatives of national governments from around the world gather there for a climate-change summit which, it can only be hoped, will result in substantive new treaties (that will also be implemented) to address the increasing woes the world is facing […]

Becoming a ‘Greener’ Traveler

Jakarta is set to host the Jakarta Tourism Summit from Nov. 6 to 9 in conjunction with Jakarta’s sister cities. Governor Fauzi Bowo said the summit was aimed at creating a global tourism network and sharing insights among participating countries.

Tourism Summit: Jakarta, West Java

It is not clear what the owner of Sampoerna Strategic Square is trying to achieve with the building’s revamp. Is he trying to copy the gardens of Buckingham palace or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Maybe his vision is somewhere in between. What is certain though is that the building’s […]

Sampoerna Strategic Square: Jakarta, West Java

Indonesia’s Mount Kelud volcano spewed ash on Sunday as clouds and fog turned daytime to dusk, sharply reducing visibility in the area. The volcano had spewed ash about 500 metres into the air, a day after confusion over whether it had already started erupting. An estimated 350,000 people live within […]

Mount Kelud Spews Ash: East Java

The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center believe the status of Mount Anak Krakatau, located in the Sunda Strait between Banten and Lampung, is still within a safe limit to observe from a distance of three kilometers. Head of the center’s volcano observation division, Agus Budiarto, said material from Anak […]

Safe Viewing at Anak Krakatau: West Java