Thanks to the easy access between the two countries, combining Spain and Portugal in one trip is a popular option amongst travelers. Located on the bottom end of Portugal, Algarve is just across the border from Sevillemaking it easy to hop from one country to another. Although Huelva is closer […]

Getting from Seville to Algarve

Blessed with year-round sunshine and out-of-this-world beaches, Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a treasure trove of turquoise beaches, pristine bays and world-class resorts. In contrast to its neighboring island, Ibiza, Mallorca is much more relaxed and calm, offering an […]

Things to do in Mallorca

Epic Road Trips. Yeah, I’ve done a few. They are hard to avoid when you grow up in a Navy family, as I did, moving from state to state. When I joined the Navy myself, there were more cross-country treks between US East and West Coast duty stations (RIP my […]

How to plan a tailpipe-kicking road trip

Those who drive long stretches of most US Interstate highways know that, while you’ll get there faster and there might be some good places to pull off, it will be a mostly boring trip. Fast, efficient, but boring. If you decide to jump off on a backroad (see William Least […]

Driving backroads beats the tar out of the Interstate