East Nusa Tenggara

Today marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan and the beginning of the two-day celebration of Idul Fitri. I would like to take this opportunity to express to all my Muslim friends across the archipelago… SELEMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI MOHON, MAAF, LAHIR DAN BATIN

Idul Fitri

I have a penchant for traditional markets and you will find these in every village, town and many in the cities in Indonesia. The majority of traditional markets start at dawn and are usually over by midday, except of course those markets where the majority of vendors sell clothes and […]

Try Breakfast at the Local Market

Last night I was at a get-together of University colleagues and during a conversation about Java one man said “I’m going there next month. It will be my first time. I want to try a bisak” I mulled this over in my thought and eventually had to ask what he […]

Getting Around in a Becak

In just under a week’s time the holy fasting month of Ramadhan begins in Indonesia. This month precedes the Idul Fitri celebration that marks the end of the fasting month and is an exciting time to be in Indonesia for the culinary delights available on the streets and the gaiety […]

The Fasting Month of Ramadhan

If you travel to East Nusa Tenggara then a visit to Komodo island is a must even if only to experience the other fauna and flora in the Komodo National Park. The residents of Komodo island are naturally the Komodo Dragon, the largest of all known lizards, and of course […]

Komodo Dragon on the Verge of Extinction: East Nusa Tenggara

Guaranteed you thought I was going to write about bunches of hoodlums that are, occasionally, found in some of the streets in the big cities of Indonesia. Sorry to disappoint you. Rather, I was referring to the small laneways, alleys and narrow streets in Indonesia that are referred to as […]

The Gangs of Indonesia