eco friendly accommodation

The amount spent on weddings is spiralling out of control and the extravagance involved sometimes borders on the ridiculous so many brides- and bridegrooms-to-be who are concerned about the waste accrued are looking for more responsible and ethical options. This doesn’t only include where they decide to have the ceremony […]

Green Wedding Ideas

Hostels are coming up in the world. No longer do you need to dodge the bed bugs and dread ant infested shower rooms because hostels are finally getting fancy, and in some parts of the world they’re going eco. Barcelona’s Urbany Hostel, set to open in June 08, is one […]

Barcelona’s First Eco-friendly Hostel To Open in June 2008

Located in Flinders Ranges National Park, four and a half hours drive north of Adelaide, is Wilpena Pound Resort. Nestled in the shadow of the red gums and native pines, the resort offers guests the chance to discover the true Outback. Go horse riding through the National Park, take a […]

Wilpena Pound Resort, South Australia