Hostels are coming up in the world. No longer do you need to dodge the bed bugs and dread ant infested shower rooms because hostels are finally getting fancy, and in some parts of the world they’re going eco. Barcelona’s Urbany Hostel, set to open in June 08, is one […]

Barcelona’s First Eco-friendly Hostel To Open in June 2008

As I’m writing from Australia at the moment and the country has just celebrated Australia Day, I thought I’d make today’s entry about this hot and dry but rather lovely land. Australia has long been in touch with their eco side and have had eco lodges around long before the […]

Ecotourism Australia Up For Top Travel Award

If you prefer caravanning over hostels and hotels check out the Skamper Eco Travel Trailer. Weighing only 3000lbs, the latest light-weight mobile home is a great idea if you plan to cover large distances on vacation. All you have to do is lock the trailer on to the tow bar […]

ECO Travel Trailer, Eco Friendly RV