Across Indonesia there are several national parks that are not only beautiful and surreal to a certain aspect some are also a great attraction for divers and lovers of the oceans. The parks themselves are a hive of activity with an immense array of flora and fauna unlike any other […]

National Parks in Sulawesi

Located some 60 kilometers to the east of Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, there are three lakes of three different colours that are collectively known as the Kelimutu Lakes. To get to the lakes, tourists must travel about two hours overland from Ende to the parking area of Kelimutu National […]

Kelimutu Lakes: Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

The number of Indonesians concerned with preserving North Sulawesi’s flora and fauna — one of the country’s most precious natural treasures — has been rising amid the uncontrollably high rate of deforestation. Beginning with an awareness on how to maintain the existing wealth for the benefit of all, their selfless […]

Committed to Preserving Nature: Sulawesi

Halmahera fairy birds — Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise, Semioptera Wallacei — danced beautifully in the sky above White Land Hill on Halmahera Island, North Maluku, that morning before sunrise. With dark green feathers and silky white wings, the endemic birds of North Maluku were flying low through the forest […]

Halmahera Fairy Birds: Halmahera, Maluku Islands

In the past, Endah Lasmadiwati had been a famous Balinese dance trainer at seven dance studios in Jakarta. But in 1980, life took a bad twist when all the studios went bankrupt, leaving her depressed, sick and almost paralyzed. In this desperate situation she prayed to regain her strength, through […]

Indonesians in Focus: Endah Lasmadiwati

Young activists say their concern over an education system that shows little interest in teaching ethical values, traditional lifestyles or a love of nature inspired them to set up an alternative school for children. The activists set up Serambi Merapi Community in Pakembinangun village, Sleman regency in Yogyakarta, and now […]

Serambi Merapi Community: Pakembinangun, Central Java