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June summer breaks in the city of Dublin are perfect for people who wants to avoid the extremes of other European city travel destinations like Paris and Madrid. The city offers fine weather that is ideal for comfy wandering and sightseeing. In spite of Dublin’s weather, which is surely will […]

June in Dublin — Events, Weather and Travel Tips

You’re fortunate if you are planning a vacation in Dublin . Many know little (or nothing) about this beautiful city so it’s time to shed some light. Dublin is far more extensive and unexpectedly, far less discovered that a lot of people believe. And for someone of who decided to […]

May in Dublin — Events, Weather and Travel Tips

A uniquely sophisticated city with something for everybody, Galway draws plenty of travelers every year. Regardless of the season, Galway is an attraction for every traveler. During your trip to this tiny city of Ireland, you can enjoy the special ambiance and be delighted with music, theater, pubs, restaurants, cafes […]

April in Galway — Events, Weather and Travel Tips