Family Travel in Tokyo and Japan

Things to do with kids in the Tokyo metro area and other parts of Japan.

Which places in the world are not as well known (nothing is really a “secret”) for fun travel with kids? I was recently tagged to answer this question by the globe-trotting SoulTravelers3, in a blog post about her family’s travel secrets. The whole meme was started by Tribase in this […]

My top 3 family travel secrets

The Disney release of the movie Ponyo (here’s an extensive fan review on the Ghibli Blog) has heightened interest in its creator, animation master Hayao Miyazaki, and his Japan-based company Studio Ghibli. You can visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka (a western suburb of Tokyo) to see a spectacular facility […]

A magical visit to Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli Museum in Japan

Through a couple of referrals by mutual friends on Twitter (here’s my Twitter stream) I got a question from Mzinga executive and social media business strategist Jim Storer about taking his family to Japan later this year. After pulling together an email for Jim, with links to most of my […]

My top tips for travel with kids to Tokyo, Japan

I was rummaging through some of my non-digital photos this morning and found this one of my daughter participating in the Japanese festival Setsubun, which traditionally chases away dark winter and welcomes spring (according to the lunar calendar.) It’s always held around February 3rd or 4th (I think it’s Feb […]

Out with demons, in with good luck at Japan’s Setsubun

My fellow Perceptive Travel blog author Nia Malchik had a moment in the spotlight recently on the Going Places blog, which is part of the Cookie parenting magazine Web site. Nia wrote about some fun wooden beads that she’d found for her son on a trip to Austria, and it […]

Fun souvenir: Japanese children’s chopsticks and bento boxes

Feeling overwhelmed by Tokyo’s bustle and sprawl? Take a subway ride just a bit south, to the relatively compact seaport city of Yokohama. It has the largest Chinatown in Japan, plus the attractive waterside Minato Mirai park area, with its skyline-dominating Cosmoworld amusement park Ferris wheel and the soaring Landmark […]

Kids in Tokyo — Escape to Yokohama

This is a nice combination of old shitamachi Edo (Tokyo) and some modern touches. Take the subway to Asakusa (pronounced A-sak-sa) to see the lively Kannon Temple, the famous giant red lantern at its entrance and the fun Nakamisedori shopping street between the lantern and temple. There is also a […]

Tokyo: Asakusa to Odaiba Itinerary