Family Travel to Hawaii

For tips and insights into Hawaii with keiki (kids) you can look at the visitor’s website for Hawaii, but also consider some kamaaina local bloggers who live right there in the islands with their families. We met many of them during the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour, when they served […]

For Oahu and Maui travel tips, say Aloha to local ...

There are a wealth of family-friendly activities on Hawaii’s Big Island, in part because it is, well, pretty doggone big. If you want beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungles or towns, it’s all there….and don’t miss the annual Parker Ranch Rodeo coming up on July 4.  Yes, a rodeo on a ranch in Hawaii. […]

Kids swimming with dolphins in Hawaii: worth the cost?

My son and I really enjoyed a visit to the well-designed Maui Ocean Center during the So Much More Hawaii trip, but what made it super-special was our local blogger guide, Liza. Liza writes A Maui Blog, and she and her family took us all around the island, including a […]

Video of the Week: Maui Ocean Center in Hawaii

This is native Hawaiian guide Warren Costa showing my son how to peel and eat an Asian longan fruit, also called dragon eyes, after a hike around part of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the spectacular Big Island. There’s a soft husk that you split and peel off before […]

Photo of the Week: Snacks on Hawaii’s Big Island

If you are considering a vacation to Hawaii with the kids but think that it might be too expensive, there are plenty of ways to save money on your hotel bill if Mom, Dad (or both) are in the military. In addition to all of the military lodging and resorts […]

Military family travel to Hawaii: 11 affordable places to stay

Thank you, Don “Lips” Fujiyama and Aaron Char from Waikiki Beach Services…. They worked patiently  with my 9-year-old son one morning to get him upright on a surfboard. He’s still talking about it. He won’t take off his black Waikiki Beach Services protective surf shirt (that thing could stand up […]

THIS is why you take children to Hawaii

While on the neighbor island of Kauai for the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour, we had the chance to take a short hike into what some have called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” the 10-mile-long and 3000+ foot deep Waimea Canyon. It was about 3.5 miles of trail, […]

Kauai’s Waimea Canyon with kids

One special treat in Hawaii that’s great for kids (and adults) is the Hawaiian Sun line of canned drinks. They are based in Honolulu and have been around since 1952. Products include fruit drinks, teas and diet/lite items, and they are super-yummy and refreshing after a hot day in the […]

Juicy drinks from Hawaiian Sun

This is my son. This is my son in Waikiki Beach surf (because we’re visiting with the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour.) Any questions? **** Seriously, our blogger group has now assembled in the islands and we’re already talking about Hawaii on Twitter with the #HawaiiHTA hashtag, we’re uploading […]

Hawaii Calls and We Answer

I’m happy to announce that my 9-year-old son and I are getting on a plane next week to visit the Hawaiian islands. Vacation? Uh, no. Work. Really. A lot of tourism organizations are starting to see the value of the social Web and social media-based content, and the Hawaii Tourism […]

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