The first day of 2007 was marked by a jetliner going missing, in what some later saw as a sign of things to come: It was the first in what was to be a long line of accidents. The disappearance of the Boeing 737-400 aircraft operated by Adam Air tragically […]

2007 – A Disastrous Year for Travelling

It has been a while since the cost of inter-island ferries went up but the Indonesian government in all their wisdom has seen fit to raise the costs as of next month. It is an excellent way to procure more revenue for the treasury considering the amount of people that […]

Inter-Island Ferry Costs Rise

Over the years I have travelled on a lot of ferries, some old and some not so old, and in general they are an excellent way to travel inter-island, especially in East Nusa Tenggara. If flying is not your greatest passion then you should try these ferries as they are […]

Ferry Check: East Nusa Tenggara