The weekend is here, which must mean another festival! This time, it is the Fillmore Jazz Festival. This festival celebrates Fillmore St.’s legacy as a Jazz Mecca (a large part of it, in fact, has been named the Jazz Preservation District). This is the largest, free Jazz festival on the […]

Weekend Fun: Fillmore Jazz Festival

Jambi province has been preparing local tourist sites and attractions as well as setting up support facilities and infrastructures in its effort to make the Indonesia Visit Year (VIY) 2008 program a success. Jambi Governor H Zulkifli Nurdin has brought all businesspeople dealing with the tourism sector in the province […]

Jambi and Visit Indonesia Year: Sumatra

During the weekend of July 14-15, Chinatown – International District held their annual Summer Festival in Hing Hay Park. From food to crafts to a fantastic array of entertainment, exploring the international district, located just above the amtrak station, during the festival was a great way to get a feel […]

Chinatown’s 2007 Summer Festival

This past weekend had us celebrating the summer solstice with the annual Fremont Fair that kicked off with the Fremont Solstice Parade, a touch of well-painted nakedness added to the spice. “An unparalleled demonstration of free speech, creativity, art and community, we cast a spell of joy, hope and rebirth […]

Booths, Beer and Bare Bums: Welcome to the 36th Annual ...

Isem Mulang is an art and cultural festival and represents the Dayak art and culture and is also the blending of Indonesian art and culture under the spirit of Bhinekka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity). This is an annual event in Central Kalimantan and constructed in the spirit of simplicity […]

Isem Mulang — Dayak Art and Cultural Festival: Kalimantan