Bandung is one of my favourite places in Java and is located in the cool of mountainous areas. It is the capital of West Java and is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and rated the fastest growing city in the country. Most of its residents are Sundanese and the […]

Museums in Bandung: West Java

A vast metropolis and the second largest city in Indonesia as well as being the industrial centre of the archipelago, Surabaya is not frequented by tourists as much as the city administration would like. But, the city has a virtual plethora of attractions and historical places that make Surabaya worthy […]

10 Good Reasons to Visit the City of Heroes: Surabaya, ...

The Museum Le Mayeur in Sanur is definitely a must-see place in Bali for the simple reason that some of Belgian artist Andrien Jean Le Mayeur‘s finest paintings of his lovely wife Ni Pollok, who often modeled for him, are housed here. Located just steps away from Sanur Beach, the […]

Museum Le Mayeur: Sanur, Bali

The word empu or grandmaster craftsman in Javanese relates to someone with a deep understanding of life and whose craftsmanship is unquestionable — both in its technical and spiritual aspects. The works of an empu are not only valuable due to their high quality in terms of materials, design and […]

Indonesians in Focus: Godod Sutejo

Bali is an island blessed with a unique culture and arts. Across the island there are several galleries and museums, all worth a visit on your journeys. Here’s a few of them for you to have a look at:

Museums and Galleries in Bali

When it comes to museums and galleries you will always find me fossicking around and enjoying the exhibits. Not only do the items displayed in a museum give you a cultural insight but also a historical one. Galleries I find fascinating and can stay in them for hours much to […]

Museums in Jakarta: West Java

The old black-and-white pictures of life in the Dutch Indies on show at Erasmus Huis gallery were once education materials for school children in the Netherlands. The photographs, called schoolplaten or school plates, gave pupils in the Netherlands a glimpse of life as it was far away in Borneo, Papua, […]

Colonial Photographer Exhibition: Jakarta, West Java

Good art is never superficial. It always stimulates our thoughts and emotions. Its role is imperative in constructing an advanced society. Historically, a good art is a manifestation or synthesis of the current discourse in our social and cultural lives. Thus ideally, a good art needs to have a creative […]

Jakarta Art Center Gets a New Life: Jakarta, West Java