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Orlando , although for most people is associated only with Walt Disney World, has plenty more to offer, such as the museums, the gardens and the shopping opportunities. Jacksonville is located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. You can stroll in the historic neighborhoods , visit the museums or attend […]

Getting from Orlando to Jacksonville

Sarasota is a popular city on the Gulf Coast of Florida , known for the restaurants , shopping, beach and arts community. Tampa , just 50 miles to the north, offers plenty of things to do, as well, ranging from visiting museums, to spending time in the botanical garden or […]

Getting from Tampa to Sarasota

Key West is an island in the Florida Keys and the southernmost city in the continental US. The mild, tropical climate and the variety of things to do and see, recommends it a destination for absolutely everyone. Families with kids have a lot to do here, while couples will definitely […]

Getting from Orlando to Key West

Miami is well known for its climate, events, museums and closeness to plenty of excellent beaches and the activities associated with them. It is also the gateway into the Caribbean. Bahamas , located in the Caribbean, is mostly visited for its superb beaches and the activities you can practice on […]

Getting from Miami to Bahamas

For most travelers, Orlando is synonymous to Walt Disney World. But Downtown Orlando has absolutely nothing to do with Mickey Mouse and the likes. It is filled with bars, clubs , theatres, restaurants and concert venues. The city is also home to gardens and museums. And let’s not forget the […]

Getting from Orlando to Tampa

Tampa is the largest city in West Central Florida and is home to museums , an aquarium and an exciting entertainment district. On the other side of Florida State is Miami , very well know for the beaches, festivals and museums. When planning to travel between Tampa and Miami, you […]

Getting from Tampa to Miami

Traveling by bus is a cheap and easy way to get around the USA and within each State. With a variety of bus companies servicing the routes, it’s impossible not to find what you are looking for, both in terms of budget and facilities. The advantage of traveling by bus […]

Bus travel in Florida